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Barnyard Shenanigans! Barnyard Shenanigans!

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Listen pal....

What exactly did you make for this movie... some poorly drawn blood? Advice: use flash... it makes great results. This person is obviously too lazy to draw cartoons so he pasted together a bunch of jpeg's when he was bored. This looks like the work of a third grader. Good day.

A Legend: The Mourner 3 A Legend: The Mourner 3

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A Very nicely done movie with a deep message.

For my fellow flashers and Charlie himself I am going to break down this movie into six parts as I see it.
------------------------- -------------------------
1.G raphics- The graphics were VERY touching and nicely drawn. I like the shadowing, the anime and the expressions on the character's faces. Although the graphics were drawn almost to perfection the animation was a bit choppy at times. I feel if the animation were more fluid it would add more emotion.

2.Sound- I absolutely loved the music in this movie it really sent me a powerful hit. I recognized it as one of the early composers perhaps Tchaikosvsky or Mozart? Regardless the music really fit the mood of the movie and was a perfect accent.

3.Interactivity- I haven't much to say about this since it was not an interactive movie and it is better that way.

4.Style- As I said before the anime was fabulous and the darkened mood made a great closer for this tragic yet deep series. The music as I said greatly deapened the emotions and the character of the Mourner was of epic proportions.

5.Violence- I can't say that violence makes a movie, however the use of violence in this movie only made it better since it gave a window to how much anguish the mourner holds. A man who is so pained that he could plunge his hand through a person's body must be knee deep in mourning.

6.Humor- There was a small hint of humor in the looks on the characters other than the mourner's faces when the elf was killed. Other than that the serious and deep mood overflowed most all humor yet it resulted in a more interesting movie.
---------------------- ----------------------------
Overall this series struck me as the kind of thing that the portal needs to eat up all of the overkill violence, sex, drugs and vulgarities. I am not saying that there is no place for these things because they are entertaining, however a mood of solitude is needed occasionally. That is what the mourner has brung.